“Our mission is to create a fun, relaxing and professional atmosphere while enriching our patients lives through exceptional eyecare and eyewear.”

Elite Eyecare of Abilene was designed to be different.   We use innovative technology to provide an exceptional level of eyecare, but we are also dedicated to making your experience pleasant and enjoyable.

Eyecare doesn’t have to be boring.. let us show you!

When you walk through our doors you will likely be welcomed by one of our furry greeters (Ace, and Charlie).  We offer complimentary smiles and adult beverages.  We let you DJ and pick your favorite music to listen to during your exam.

At Elite Eyecare you’ll discover a new world of eyewear and get to choose a pair of glasses from a selection you won’t see elsewhere.  Our unique Eyewear Styling Consultation is designed to make your search for new eyewear an effortless and enjoyable experience. One of our passionate and experienced team members will take the time to personally get to know your specific visual needs as well as your personal style and make recommendations in a no-pressure, relaxed environment.  We truly love helping our patients find their next favorite pair of glasses!

We strive to delight our patients from the first moment they connect with our team and for years to come. We believe everyone deserves to see the world a little better. Because when we see better, we live better.

Call or text us today at (325) 603-2020!