The Best Selection of Contact Lenses in Abilene, TX

Choose from a wide selection of contact lenses, including disposable, colored, bifocal, multifocal, and toric. Call (325) 603-2020 to schedule a contact lens exam.

Contact lens wearers can enjoy ultimate eye comfort and clear vision without glasses. Practically invisible to the naked eye, contacts provide an alternative to wearing glasses full-time. Let Elite Eyecare of Abilene showcase your face to the world.

What does it involve?

Dr. Russell Liles of Elite Eyecare will match the right contact lenses to your specific needs and preferences, including:

  1. Soft Disposable Contact Lenses – According to the CDC, about 90% of contact lens wearers in the United States choose soft, disposable contact lenses. In the disposable lens category, our patients can choose between daily contact lenses and biweekly and monthly lenses.

    It used to be that people who had astigmatism could not wear soft disposable contact lenses, but that is no longer the case. Soft toric lenses are now available. We also offer soft contact lenses in bifocal and multifocal varieties.

  2. Hard Contact Lenses – Also called rigid gas-permeable contact lenses, hard contacts address vision challenges that cannot be overcome with soft disposable contacts. They are most common in patients that have ocular irregularities or ocular disease. In some instances, glasses cannot even correct the issue!

    Our team collaborates with corneal surgical teams and other experts to ensure a smooth contact lens fitting process.

  3. Colored Contact Lenses – It can be fun to change the color of your eyes temporarily, and there are also novelty contacts that have zombie or Dracula themes. They are available as prescription contacts and non-corrective varieties.

    Keep in mind that even if you don’t need the corrective feature of colored contact lenses, eye exams are still required.

Top Contact Lens Brands Available at Elite Eyecare of Abilene

Whether you have challenges such as astigmatism, dry eyes, presbyopia, or keratoconus, Elite Eyecare of Abilene has a solution to help you see the world more clearly. We carry a range of specialty contact lenses to accommodate various eye conditions and lifestyles.

  • Acuvue
  • Ciba Vision
  • Alcon
  • Bausch + Lomb
  • CooperVision

What to Expect at Your First Visit

If it’s your first time getting contacts, you are likely wondering what the process entails. It is a painless appointment, and we guarantee to make it fun.

Here’s an overview of what you can expect:

  1. Eye exam: We will verify your prescription and check for any irregularities or pre-existing eye conditions that could affect your ability to wear contacts.
  2. Lens selection: The type of lens we prescribe depends on the shape of your eye and your overall eye health. When reviewing your options, we also consider which lenses best fit your lifestyle.
  3. Lens sampling: If you’ve never worn contacts before, we’ll show you how to put them in and care for them. You’ll be a pro in no time.
  4. Follow up: We’ll check in to make sure your new lenses fit like a dream. We’ll also confirm your next appointment!

Ready for Clear, Hassle-Free Vision?

We’ve got you! Contact Elite Eyecare of Abilene at (325) 603-2020 to schedule a contact lens exam.

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