Hate the Air Puff test? We did too, that’s why we upgraded. At Elite Eyecare of Abilene we use the latest technology in intraocular pressure measurement known as the Icare Tonometer. This instrument allows the doctor to check the pressure inside the eyeball WITHOUT BLOWING AIR and WITHOUT USING DROPS. This technique allows you to relax and be much more comfortable during your visit to our office.

No Air Puff in Abilene, TX – Avoid This Uncomfortable Part of the Eye Exam

Say goodbye to one of the most unpleasant medical procedures ever. Our enhanced technology means we can measure your intraocular pressure without the discomfort of the Air Puff test. Call (325) 603-2020 to schedule your next eye exam.

It’s safe to say that no one likes the Air Puff test. Even though it’s technically not painful, the intense gust of air can make it hard to keep your eyes open, and the dread one feels while waiting for the puff is palpable. Instead of sticking your chin into the strap of what some patients call a torture device, get your intraocular pressure checked at Elite Eyecare of Abilene instead.

Alternative to the Air Puff Test

The technology used in the Air Puff test was developed in 1950 and is still widely used. The 1950s, however, are long gone, so we upgraded our technology and now offer an instrument to measure intraocular pressure called the iCare Tonometer.

Instead of blowing turbo-fueled gusts of air into your sensitive eyes, the iCare Tonometer measures pressure using a light, barely detectable probe. Overall, this is a much more pleasant experience; most patients barely notice the measurement process.

Why Measuring Intraocular Pressure is So Important

You might be wondering why eye pressure has to be tested. Patients often tell us their eyes feel fine and there is no sensation of additional pressure.

However, measuring eye pressure is critical in determining eye health. Increased pressure is also associated with glaucoma, a disease of the optic nerve that leads to vision loss.

Glaucoma is a severe eye condition because there is no cure. There are currently multiple treatment options for glaucoma, but their effect is limited to reducing glaucoma-related eye pressure temporarily. These treatments include:

  • Prescription eye drops
  • Oral medications
  • Laser therapy
  • Drainage tubes
  • Glaucoma surgery

Benefits of the iCare Tonometer

In addition to being exponentially more comfortable than the Air Puff test, using the iCare Tonometer can make what was traditionally a challenging procedure for patients tolerable.

Many people have struggled with the traditional Air Puff test, including:

  • Patients with sensitive eyes
  • Children that struggle to sit still (and not blink!)
  • Patients in wheelchairs who have difficulty reaching the instrument

Accuracy of the iCare Tonometer

Though patients are glad to be rid of the Air Puff test, they want to ensure that the iCare Tonometer is accurate.

According to a study published by BMC Ophthalmology, iCare Tonometer test results are similar to the measurements collected using the Air Puff test. Air Puff test instrumentation, referred to as the Goldmann Applanation Tonometer (GAT), detected slightly lower pressure measurements than the iCare Tonometer collected.

These findings suggest that GAT technology and iCare Tonometer measurements are consistent. .

Experience a New Level of Comfort at Elite Eyecare of Abilene

At Elite Eyecare of Abilene, we strive to create an environment that makes you feel comfortable and at ease. By avoiding the discomfort of the Air Puff test, you can sit back, relax, and enjoy your annual visit to the eye doctor. Contact our office at (325) 603-2020 to book an appointment.