Sports Vision Training

We know that athletes spend countless hours working on strength and conditioning to build up their muscles to help them run faster, jump higher and excel at their sport. But an athlete’s VISION is one area that often goes over looked. Sports Vision Training helps athletes strengthen the connection between the eyes, the brain, and the rest of the body. Scientific research shows that visual skills such as reaction time, hand-eye coordination, peripheral vision, depth perception, and visual processing can indeed be sharpened and improved with the proper training.

Introducing the Senaptec Sensory Station

The Senaptec Sensory Station is a state-of-the-art sensory evaluation and training device designed to assess the visual and sensory performance of the modern athlete. We test each athlete on 10 sport-relavant visual and sensory performance skills using a custom app that communicates directly with high definition and touch screen monitors. Individual results can be compared instatly to our athlete performance database by position, sport and competition level to produce a customized Senaptec Sensory Performance Profile. Every Senaptec Sensory Performance Report identifies areas for improvement and recommends a course of action.

Get a full assessment in just 25 minutes!

With sports technology and training at unprecedented levels, the margin of victory is thinner than ever. The difference between winning and losing is just a split second or fraction of an inch. Dr. Liles is an eye doctor in Abilene that empowers athletes to reach their peak performance by utilizing the world’s most complete automated vision-testing solution. In just 25 minutes, he can evaluate the most vital parameters for success and provide training that will activate your untapped potential. Visual diseases or conditions can severely affect you or your child’s social and physical development as well as their performance on the field. If they do not receive regular visual care, then they are at risk of developing life-changing conditions. A visit to an optometrist provides vital preventative care and, if needed, lenses, therapy, and other protective eyewear.

After a visit to Dr. Liles, you will not only have a thorough evaluation of your visual health (including testing vital to the early detection of visual conditions and diseases), you will be provided clear training for improving each of the most vital visual skills.

Success Starts off the Field

Nearly 90 million Americans actively participate in sports. The majority, however, do not see a visual specialist. Sports of all levels require optimal vision and athletes, especially young ones, require regular vision evaluations and testing to both maintain their health and optimize their performance. Athletes that don’t care for their vision give opponents an edge on the field and open themselves up to risks that can severely affect their playing careers and life off the court. If you’re an athlete or the parent of one, a sports vision training assessment from Elite Eyecare and the Senaptec Sensory Station will give you the edge you need both on the court and off. By utilizing the world’s most advanced visual training system, you can get the edge you need in just 25 minutes. It all starts with a phone call to our Abilene offices today.

Do you ever wonder how a goalie deflects a puck traveling 100 MPH or how a center fielder can spot a miniature ball in the sun and perfectly time his dive so it lands in his glove? Perfect vision.

What Does a Sports Vision Assessment Include?

Dr. Liles will conduct a thorough examination of each visual skill, provide feedback, and recommend training. An assessment includes:
  • Hand-Eye Coordination Training: An engaging game will help test how well your hands (and the rest of your body) do what your eyes tell them. This will help you do everything from catch a baseball to hitting the golf ball right on the sweet spot.
  • Decision Making Assessment: Dr. Liles will conduct a test to see how well your eyes make decisions when the clock is ticking low.
  • Depth Perception Training: How well can you process depth information?
  • Multiple Object Training: The gamified version of multiple object training assess your ability to keep track of multiple variables in space. The best players can see their man and the ball. Can you?
  • Dynamic Vision: This test will determine your ability to pick up details on a moving object.

Sports Vision Training Enhances Your Athletic Performance

Your vision is the convergence of a multitude of skills. If just one is not optimized, you cannot create a complete picture. Elite Eyecare utilizes the Senaptec Sensory Station, a cutting-edge system that can assess the 10 most vital visual parameters in mere minutes. Backed by years of research, this system in the hands of a skilled optometrist has proven to enhance your vision, reaction time, and overall performance in every realm of sport. With the use of the Senaptec Sensory Station’s feedback, you will receive a training regimen that gives you optimal vision. These are just a few of the most important skills tested. The only way to know exactly what will be tested and trained is to come in for your assessment in Abilene as soon as possible. Overall, the skills tested are:
  • Dynamic and static acuity
  • Visual concentration
  • Peripheral awareness
  • Ocular motility
  • Reaction time
  • Eye-to-body coordination